If you have estate work that was prepared a long time ago, it likely needs an update. Or perhaps you have not had any estate work prepared and do not know where to begin. Either way, The Hopkins Law Firm can help you with your needs. Michelle Hopkins and her team have experience preparing a variety of estate documents, including but not limited to:


A Will dictates how the assets of your estate will be divided. Wills are recommended in the following circumstances:

  • For clients who have simple wishes for the execution of their estate.
  • For clients who have less than $800,000 in assets.


A codicil is an amendment or an update to an existing Will. If your Will was prepared recently in the state of Virginia and you desire to update a few minor provisions, a codicil may accomplish this goal without a new Will having to be prepared. However, if your Will was not prepared recently, or if your Will was prepared in another state, a codicil may not be appropriate. Michelle Hopkins and her team will guide clients regarding what document is necessary and most cost efficient to accomplish their goals.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney gives a person power to make financial and legal decisions for the individual who appoints them as their power of attorney. There are special powers of attorney that may be appropriate depending on the circumstances of that individual’s appointment. Michelle Hopkins and her team will advise clients on which type of power of attorney is most appropriate for their needs.

Advanced Medical Directives

Advanced medical directives are a way to express your medical care wishes, and this document appoints an individual who may make medical decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. Michelle Hopkins and her team are able to prepare these documents efficiently and promptly to accommodate clients who have emergency medical procedures scheduled.

Advanced medical directives (AMD) are different from do not resuscitates (DNR). The state of Virginia requires that individuals who desire a DNR execute a state form with their doctor. For a fact sheet about DNRs visit the Virginia Department of Health website (  Michelle Hopkins and her team may explain the difference and assist you with determining which document is most appropriate for your needs.


A Trust manages assets according to the specific wishes of an individual even after they are deceased or if they lose their mental capacity. Michelle Hopkins may prepare a Trust to accomplish your specific needs. Trusts are recommended in the following circumstances:

  • For clients who wish to avoid probate when distributing their assets to beneficiaries.
  • For clients who have beneficiaries that require assistance managing assets.
  • For clients who have more than $800,000 in assets.

Amendments to Trusts

Some clients desire to change provisions of a Trust that is already established. In some circumstances, the best way to accomplish this may be by executing an Amendment, rather than executing a new trust. Please bring a copy of your existing Trust to your consultation appointment to discuss your needs with Michelle Hopkins and her team.

The Hopkins Law Firm offers estate work services to clients. In the event that you require the preparation of a Will, Codicil (update to a Will), Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive, a Trust, or an Amendment to a Trust, Michelle Hopkins and her team are ready to help you memorialize your end of life wishes. Please call 571-248-2210 to make an appointment to discuss your specific needs today.

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